What are the Off-Campus Living Fairs?

The housing fairs are an open house events that take place every spring and summer in the Adele H. Stamp Student Union. They serve as opportunities for students interested in living off-campus to gain information about many properties at once. The fairs bring together landlords, College Park officials and University resources to inform students about housing options and how to successfully live off-campus. In particular, transfer and international students use the fairs to finalize their housing for the year.

What are the dates and times of the Off-Campus Living Fairs?

Wednesday April 18, 2018 4pm-6pm
Friday July 20, 2018 2-4:30pm

How do I register for the Off-Campus Living Fairs?

Click this link to register for our July 2018 Off-Campus Living Fair.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes. Properties with 10 or fewer tenants will be charged a reservation fee of $25. Properties with 11+ tenants will be charged a reservation fee of $75 if they are members of the OCH Database and $125 for non-members. Please note: registration fees are non-refundable.

Where do I send my registration form?

Please return your registration form with payment by July 17, 2018 to:

Roz Christina Moore - Assistant Director
Office of Development and External Relations
8400 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 200 College Park, MD 20740
p: 301-314-3694 |  f: 301-314-0222 |  rozmoore@umd.edu

How do I become a corporate sponsor?

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Jim Rychner to learn about our sponsorship packages.
Email: jjr@umd.edu
Phone: 301-314-7918

What should I do if I am unable to make it to the fair?

If you become unable to attend, notify our office via e-mail to och@umd.edu or call us at 301.314.3645. We will update our list accordingly.

How will the Off-Campus Living Fairs be publicized to students?

In addition to advertising on our website and in our office, we also send a campus-wide email describing the event. Posters and flyers are also distributed throughout the Adele H. Stamp Student Union, as well as in offices and buildings throughout campus. We also promote the fairs at the summer orientation sessions and strongly encourage transfer students to attend.

How many people attend the Off-Campus Living Fair?

Last year, we had an average of over 100 students registered to attend each fair, as well as over 50 different apartment community and private landlords, as well as many on- and off-campus agencies.

What should I bring with me to the fair?

It is best to bring as much information about your property (or properties) as possible. Pictures or other promotional materials will help your properties to stand out to students interested in finding housing. We will provide you with a table so please bring your own materials. Table decorations and giveaways are always a big hit, so remember to be creative!

Can I bring food or a food vendor to the fair?

The Stamp Student Union operates under an exclusivity contract with campus Dining Services, therefore we cannot allow outside food or vendors. If you would like to provide food as an incentive at your table, you are welcome to purchase items from any vendors within the Stamp Student Union, or order from the Stamp's in-house caterer, Goodies-to-Go. Click here for a list of vendors.

When should I arrive to set up?

You should arrive at least at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the fair to set up your table and sign in before the first group of students arrive. Students usually arrive early so plan accordingly.

How do I get to the Off-Campus Living Fairs?

The Off-Campus Living Fairs are held in the Stamp Student Union at the University of Maryland. Here are directions and maps of the Stamp Student Union and the UMD campus.

Will Off-Campus Housing Services validate parking for the fairs?

No, we do not validate parking for any of the paid parking lots on campus. Please note that the closet paid parking is the Union Lane Garage, adjacent to the Adele H. Stamp Student Union. However, there are certain parking lots on campus that are unrestricted (meaning that there is no need for a permit) after 4 pm. The closest unrestricted parking lots to the Adele H. Stamp Student Union are lots Z and 1. Click here to see directions to these lots. Remember, if you park in any restricted lots, or in a fire lane, you will be ticketed!

Will there be internet access?

Guest logins for wireless internet access is available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you will need internet access, please designate this when you register.

Can I be placed near a power source?

You cannot request to be placed near a power source. All electronics must be battery-operated for the duration of the fair.

When do students start their search for housing?

Now! Although housing fairs are generally offered in April and July, we encourage students to start their search as soon as they have determined that living off-campus will be their main option. We direct them to the OCH Database, where they can go through properties that are available for rent. Come April, many of our students take advantage of our Off-Campus Living Fairs and find housing that will fit their needs. It would be to your advantage to post a listing in our OCH Database to advertise your property as well as to attend our fair.

Whom should I contact with questions or for more information?

For more information, please contact the staff at Off-Campus Housing Services via e-mail at och@umd.edu or by calling (301) 314-3645.

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