What is Roommate Finder Mixer?

The Roommate Finder Mixer is designed to help you meet as many new people as possible with the hopes that you may even find a new roommate.

How does it work?

Each participant will be seated at a table, meeting the person sitting across from them. You will have 5 minutes to talk with the person opposite you and decide if you have found a good match. At the end of every 5 minutes a whistle will sound and each participant will move to the next seat at their right.

What if I don’t know what to talk about?

There will be suggested questions and topics to discuss at each table.

How long will I have with each person?

Five minutes.

Do I have to pay?

No; Roommate Finder Mixer is completely free.

Do I need to register?

Registration for Roommate Finder Mixer consists of a question on the registration to the fair. If you are attending the fair, you just need to click yes for the question that asks whether you will participate in Roommate Finder Mixer. That is all! Your registration lets us know how many students will participate, and allow us to make adjustments as needed to ensure a smooth session.

Is there a cutoff for registration?

There is no formal cutoff for Roommate Finder Mixer registration, however, it is strongly recommended that you pre-register to make sure there is enough space to accommodate all interested participants.

Who can participate?

Any University of Maryland undergraduate or graduate student who is searching for a roommate for an off-campus property.

How many Match-ups will I have?

As long as enough people register, each participant will meet 10 people in a session.

What happens if I find someone I’m interested in living with?

If you find someone you think you are interested in living with, be sure to exchange contact information! Roommate Finder Mixer is designed to expose you to potential roommates, but we encourage you to continue communicating to gather more information about the people you meet in the sessions.

What if I’m physically disabled and can’t move around easily?

All the activities are completed while seated at the tables. Please be sure to indicate on your registration form whether or not you are physically disabled so that we can make these adjustments for you.

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